Top 5 Smartphones According to Sales 2016

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With the numerous manufacturers of handsets we have around, a competitive environment has certainly been created. Some top brands such as Apple, LG and Samsung have created a niche for themselves. They are known for their high-end phone smartphones. Though that is the case, users normally face a lot of difficulty when it comes to choosing the best products

Top 5 Smartphones in 2016

As technology evolves so do the smartphones. They are now slimmer, wider screen area and improved design among other features. 2016 has been a great year for some of the smartphone manufacturers. The article will discuss the top 5 smartphones sold this year and it will be you in knowing the ones that are trending according to the sales.




1. iPhone 6S




Launch date: September 2015

Operating system: iOS

Manufacturer: Apple



Features and description




It has a force sensitive touch screen


Upgraded front and rear camera


Faster processor (Apple A9 chip)


However, it bears some similarities to its predecessors.







The screen does not do it justice (4.7 inches).iPhone 6Splus has a 5.5-inch screen


It may be the best phone in the market currently. However, it risks being overtaken by iPhone 7. We are all anticipating the release of iPhone 7 come September.



2. Samsung Galaxy S7samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-product-hero-2




Operating system- Android


Manufacturer: Samsung


Price: starting from 569 pounds with a free SIM


This is one of the most capable smartphones we have in the market currently. It is the main rival to the iPhone.




    • It is not very different from Samsung S6. It has a few improvements like:


    • Improved camera hardware-It has an optimized hardware. There are software additions too.


    • The phone is water and dust proof



Samsung is known for their excellent display. The phone has OLED panel that makes images beautiful and stunning.


It is ideal for power users. It has an 820 processor chip and 4 GB Ram.



3. LG G5




Price: starting from 500 pounds


Manufacturer: LG


Operating system: Android




    • It has customized buttons. Also, one can easily attach accessories.


    • It has a modular expansion system which allows users to remove the old battery and load a new one.


    • It has 5.3-inch QHD display


    • It has 820 MHz processor mated to a 4 GB RAM




4. Google Nexus




It arguably one of the best Android phones on the market. It may not be the same level as iPhone 6 or Galaxy S7; its competitive price makes it a compelling choice.




    • It has 5.7 inch OLED display. It has a Gorilla Glass 4


    • It has a 2K resolution. It is nothing out of the ordinary. It looks gorgeous, though.


    • It has a Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor mated to 3 GB RAM


    • It has an excellent camera



5. HTC 10




Manufacturer: HTC Taiwanese company


Operating system: Android


Price: 570 pounds starting price with a free SIM




    • It is one of the best phones the company has ever made in years.


    • It has w12 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and autofocus. It has an auto-selfie camera too


    • It has a 3000mAh battery with quick charging capabilities


    • It has an internal memory of 32 B that can be easily upped






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