Samsung Galaxy S7-The best Android phone



Are you looking for a classy and easy to use Android phone? Have you tried the Samsung Galaxy S7?



Samsung has outdone itself this time round. The Galaxy S7 is another marvel pulled out of the bag. It is a capable Android phone with a unique and dual curved-edge screen. It is an improvement of the brilliant S6 model. Still wondering if the phone is worth the hype and praises? Read the review below.Click here for another great review.



Brands available




Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are some of the brands available under the Samsung radar.



Key features and benefits








This model is not different from the other brands. The back and front are covered in Gorilla Glass 4. A metal rim snakes is placed in between. On one side of the phone sits the power lock (standby/lock switch) while the two volumes sit on the other. It has a clean look with the Samsung logo imprinted in the back.



One noticeable change in the design is the sides are curvier. The galaxy S7 feels soft and easily slips in the palms. It is unlike the S6 which felt rigid and harsh. The S7 is more ergonomic thereby making picking it from flat surfaces a lot easier.



It has an excellent finger print magnet. It has Nano SIM tray that holds a micro SD slot. The bottom holds a microphone, headphone socket, Micro USN charging port and speaker. Unlike its predecessors, it is marginally thicker but has a nice weight.




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Nothing gets closer to perfectionism like this model. It has a 5.1 inch screen, a resolution of 2560* 1440 resolutions and uses the Samsung’s super AMOLED tech and not the common LCD.AMOLED displays show the contrast better as compared to LCDs.



It has great viewing angles. In addition, it does not form white backgrounds that get tinged with blue.



Software and performance




The Android Marshmallow, as a matter of fact, is the sleekest and the most polished mobile operating system. One of the features associated with the app is the game Launcher. It automatically organizes all titles and saves screen shots of the last game.



The Marshmallow combines internal storage and that of the Micro SD. It allows users to install apps on the expandable storage space.



On performance, it has 4 GB RAM. It makes multitasking super easy.







The megapixel count may have dropped to 12 but it still takes stunning photos. It has dual pixels that help with the autofocus. It is better than most compact system cameras.



The camera lens is covered with a glass body. The change may appear small but it makes a big difference. The phone can lay flat on the desk without rocking side to side or jumping.





    • Water-proof


    • High resolution screen


    • Well-considered software and physical UI


    • Despite having a delicate front and back, it can survive a hard fall.






    • The speaker faces downwards. It gets easily blocked when playing games. In addition, it produces a distorted and tinny sound at high volume


    • Some of the settings are not customized.


    • It is difficult to use under sunny conditions


    • It uses extra battery




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