Apple iPhone 6 – Aging gracefully


Are you looking for a phone that will age gracefully? Well, look no further! The iPhone 6 from Apple is all you need. It has a crisp and spacious 6.7-inch screen size. Unlike the other models, it has a better camera autofocus, improved wireless speeds and high storage capacity of 128 GB. It uses iOS mobile operating system which is a very top notch.



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The most common brands are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They are somehow similar with a few visible differences on the features.


Key features




It has a great design




Most people will look at the design of the phone before making a purchase. The design of iPhone 6 has improved a great deal. It is the thinnest and sleekest handset in the mobile market. It is 6.9mm thin making it nice to hold.



Another noticeable design is the power button. Unlike other phones, the power button has been placed on the top right-hand side. Given the device is 138.1*67*6.9 mm, it makes a lot of sense to have it on the right side. It makes operating the device easy. Just like the other exterior buttons, it is raised thereby making it easy to hit for right and left handed users. Though it is metallic, it does not rattle like the previous models. Also, it is thin, elegant and feels best in the hands of the user.







We can also agree the screen has been greatly improved. We are talking about the screen size, power efficiency, and color reproduction. It has a resolution power of 1334*750. The screen size has been increased too. This translates to a better visual experience. The color reproduction is impressive too. The contrast between dark and bright colors is a sight to behold. However, some people think there is too much saturation on the screen.



Camera upgrades




The iPhone 6 camera offers a better focus. The main area of focus is the focus pixels. There are several additional elements that work out the source of light. They work by providing directional information to the camera, thereby providing a proper focus to the camera. The snapping speed has improved too.



It has an auto HDR mode as well. It means a larger selection of the photos in your gallery will appear better naturally. Some other aspects of the camera include the new time-lapse feature, new camera modes, and the HD panoramas.


Other features


    • Touch ID/Apple Pay-The software has been improved


    • It has an improved keyboard-It has a wider key spread, improved prediction engine and easy to use making messaging easy.


    • It has a longer lasting battery- Compared to the previous models; the battery lasts for long. A single full charge can last for up to 8 hours.





    • Thinner and sleeker design


    • Comfortable to hold


    • It has a gorgeous display


    • Has excellent performance


    • It has improved Wi-Fi and LTE speeds





    • It has no memory expansion


    • No optimization for larger screens


    • The camera lens protrudes awkwardly


    • It is pricey





It is one of the best phones Apple has ever created.







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