Guiding tips on buying the Latest Android Phones



Are you shopping for the latest Android phones in the market? Unlike the Apple-branded phones, there is an intensive competition in the Android market. Think of any big names such as HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG are products of the Android market. We cannot forget the likes of Huawei, Acer, and ZTE that have created a niche for themselves by offering cheaper and quality smartphones.Here is a great site to find tip and guides on the latest and best Smartphones on the market today. Click Here.



Ever wondered why finding the best Android phone is such a daunting task? The phones have various variations such as software features, screen size, processor power and design.



Quit worrying! The article will discuss some of the factors to consider while choosing the best and the latest Android phones.



Hardware designs and featuresgallery-1460144149-lg-g5-smartphone-review-08




Some users will consider the physical design of the device as a crucial aspect. For instance users with fat fingers may not be pleased with on-screen keyboards. The location of the keyboard also matters. Is the portrait or landscape mode ideal for you?



Another important aspect to consider is the display. If you intend to view videos and images mostly, an extra large screen is ideal. However, if your major concern is portability, something compatible with a small size screen is good for you.



The hardware design can make using a phone a frustration or a delightful exercise.



The brand name of the manufacturerpremium-android-smartphones-launched-in-2013




Talk of customer loyalty! Some people would rather remain phone-less than being caught with a different brand. For instance, some users would rather buy expensive Samsung phones even if Sony has cheaper and quality phones. Different people have different reasons for loving specific brand manufacturers.


Available/included softwareGalaxy_Note




Ask any smartphone what they love about their phones and apps will be mentioned. The Android phones have various apps. Some apps are common on all phones, but others are specific to certain models.


One of the benefits of Android Market is that it allows distribution of its apps to external markets. Other markets like Apple have a lot of restriction.







How much does the phone cost? What is your budget? These are some of the questions that smartphone users ask themselves before making a purchase. Most of the popular and latest Android phones tend to be pricey. However, with the time, the prices slightly reduce.



The good news is that there are still cheaper and quality phones in the Android market. They may not have the best of features but are still high-end in some sense. One tip of buying a pricey and quality phone is when they are on sale in a promotional event.



Besides the initial buying cost, you will not consider other monetary aspects such as data and airtime.


Battery life




High-speed connections, the 3G, and 4G, the battery may easily drain. It is, therefore, important to consider the battery life while purchasing an Android phone. A long battery life means longer stand by and talk time.



Processor speed


The processor is the heart of any smartphone. The processor will determine the speed of the phone. It is important that the processor should be fast and strong for better performance.




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