Smartphones Vs Tablets – All You Need To Know!



Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all? Is it the tablet or the smartphone?


Deciding between a smartphone and a tablet is no easy fit. They both have their pro sand cons. They are both classy. So, what factors do you need to consider before making a purchase?



Guide on choosing tablets vs. smartphonesshutterstock_135754070




How to decide




You will encounter people rocking tablets and smartphones in your daily life encounters. They will speak highly of whatever devices they possess. It may leave you wondering if you need both.



It may be your first time making the purchase. Or it may be an upgrade plan.


One of the easiest ways is purchasing both. However, that does not come cheap for many. There are several factors that we must consider:Screen-Shot-2015-07-09-at-4.06.44-PM


    • Who is it for?


    • What is the intended purpose?


    • How much are you willing to spend?


    • What screen size do you fancy?



The screen size is one of the major differences between a phone and tablet. However, some manufacturers are releasing phones with 7-inch screens too.


Are you looking for the best of worlds? Check out phones that have a bigger screen size.


If you plan to watch movies or read books and magazines online, go for a tablet.


Smartphones are ideal for those who value portability than functionality. However, tablets are becoming easier to carry.



For those who text and email frequently, a smartphone is ideal. It has better messaging services. Tablets may perform similar functions, but the phone wins.


For photography purposes, smartphones win again. They have better-packed cameras and are easy to carry around.



Tips on buying a tablet



Do you fancy tablets? There are so many choices ranging from small size slates to larger tablets. They are cheap and expensive models based on your budget.



One of the major differences when it comes to tablets is the difference in operating systems. Android and Windows are the most common ones while most iPads use iOS 8.Click here for some really good information on choosing the right tablet for you.



iOS 8 is easy to use for first-time users. It has a system built around it that allows users to quickly access apps and everything is on the screen.


Android developers have user interfaces that can be changed by third parties. It is more open.


Tablets are ideal for media consumption. They have a wider screen making them ideal for watching movies, content creation, and reading.


Other factors to consider include:


    • Screen size


    • The operating system


    • The intended use-For home or work, gaming, for kids, media consumption



Buying a smartphoneSmartphones1




The world of smartphones is overflowing with options. The biggest topic related to mobile phones is the price.



Handsets are becoming cheaper each passing day as new devices populate the market. The Chinese phones are cheaper as compared to other phone manufacturers.



Ever heard of phablets? These are phones with bigger screen size. The screens are beyond 5 inches. However, they tend to attract a higher price.



Other factors to consider include the storage space and the operating system.







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