Smartphones that You Must Have


Smartphones are some of the most innovative products on the market. Among the activities that they allow the user to do are surf the Internet, watching videos, listening to music, taking photos, and plenty of other activities. If you are in the market for a smartphone, here are some recommended items that you can choose from.Click here for some more top phones you just gotta have.



iPhone SEmaxresdefault (10)



This smartphone is a very high end phone that has a lot of features and a highly advanced iOS 9.3 system. It has a fast processor which makes it easier to use. This phone could be used on one hand. There are a couple of drawback. The main drawback is that the screen size is very small. The screen is also pretty old, and the design of the phone is uninspired. That said, this a very powerful smartphone.



Nexus 6P

This is one of the bigger phones that has a design and size that is ideal for watching movies on. This phone has a 5.7 inch display and runs on the latest version of Android Marshmallow. It also comes with a fingerprint scanner which keeps you secure and doesn’t allow anyone to use this phone. The drawbacks for this phone is that there are no versions of these phones locked to any carriers and the camera does not take the sharpest images compared to the cameras of other phones.



Samsung Galaxy Note 5


This phone is up there with the best of them. The 5.7 display is very spacious. The color reproduction is great and the HD display is one thing that makes the phone worth its price. There is also the split screen mode as well as the best camera. There are a couple of things missing from this product. The battery can’t be swapped and there is no microSD card slot.



iPhone 6S Plus13iphone6s_3448290k



This phone has a large screen. The display is full HD with some of the best color reproduction ever seen on an iPhone. The camera on the phone has image stabilization which allows you to capture some high quality images without the need for light. The only thing is that it seems to be no more than just a bigger version of the iPhone 6S. It is also a very expensive smartphone.



LG V10LG-V10-Hands-On-24



LG has shown itself to be a great brand when it comes to smartphones. The LG V10 further proves that it is a good brand. This smartphone comes with a 5.9 inch screen which takes it from regular smartphone territory to phablet territory. The features that it comes with make it very unique among other smartphones. One particular feature is two front cameras and one rear camera. You will actually be able to take a 120 degree selfie. You can fit a full group of people into the picture as well as the background. Even though it is a 5.9 inch screen phone, a sliver of the screen of a little over 2 inches always shows notifications without obstructing part of your screen. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your viewing experience being interrupted.






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