iPhone 7 Rumors & Speculations



There is a little truth to every rumor, even behind the release date and features of Apple iPhone 7. For instance, some people are speculating that the phone could bear the same shape and size as iPhone 6. However, it is not clear whether a Smart Connector will be included or not.maxresdefault (11)



The ideas being proposed and rumored about may not be far from the truth. We all know how Apple operates. They tend to overhaul their handsets once every two years. The next overhaul will be done on iPhone 7, or so most of us presume. iPhone 7 may come with a major new design, a bunch of new features and piles and power piles.



iPhone 7 may not be released till late 2016, and we can hardly keep up with the rumors and speculations surrounding it. Let us cut to the chase and share some of the latest news and rumors you can expect from this device.


Release date


Rumor has it that it will probably arrive by September this year. Apple has a trend of sticking to schedules. As a matter of fact, the last few iPhones have been released and launched in September. There is a lot of speculation that iPhone 7 may follow the same trend.



However, news from “a reliable source” state that Apple may launch earlier than September. That information cannot be verified. It may take a while to finish the development and manufacturing making September a sure bet for now.



The designapple-iphone-8-release-date-rumors


Here are some super hottest leaks concerning the design


    • No antenna lines


    • Water resistance


    • A super slim build



There is a lot resemblance between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. We are yet to establish and see if that will change with iPhone 7.



One aspect we may bet on is that it could be slimmer that the 7.1mm thick iPhone 6S. There are rumors that reducing the thickness will save on space.



Slimming the phone means the 3.5 mm headphone jack will be ditched. A great dependence on Bluetooth headphones is a possibility. Other leaks suggest that the manufacturers will design a special pair of Apple ear buds. Again, this information cannot be verified.



Another big change that people anticipate is that it will have an all metal design. It will be a bezel-less design. It would be a major change in the design, but it is a sensible and welcome move.



iPhone is expected to be a waterproof phone. There are speculations that a new technology from Japan called the “Pixel Eyes” will be used. It makes operating the screen easier even with wet fingers. There has always been an issue with waterproof phones, and iPhone 7 may offer the ultimate solution.



The screen

maxresdefault (12)

Some of the leaks indicate:


    • A sharper screen


    • Edge to edge display



The phone could have a bigger resolution. There is the possibility of having a QHD or 4K display. The screen size, however, may remain 4.7-5.5 inch models. There are rumors that iPhone 7 may feature an OLED display.






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